degrassi secrets

a place for you to submit (as you've probably guessed by now) degrassi secrets. you may also submit comments/opinions about the show itself, actors, etc. as long as they're in picture form.

we may post/reblog degrassi-related things that are in no way secrets from time to time. just to spice things up.

- ask something, if you are so inclined.

- submit your ~juicy secrets.


Hi, guys!

Tomorrow, mod 1 & mod 2 will be leaving for a week-long vacation. Thus, we probably won’t be on very often to post secrets (which haven’t been coming in as often as we’d like). 

Anyway, you can always submit here to help us fill the queue. 

If you aren’t up to making your own secret, you may always submit it in text as an ask here, after which one of us will convert it to picture form, à la confessions blogs. 

Also, you may now submit text posts (anon rants, for example) and videos.

Thank you all for your support!

Sender’s Note: Like Clare & Eli!

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